Knowledge Management Unit

The Knowledge Unit of the APSDPS is designed to provide support to the Society in strengthening and showcasing the activities and expertise of the society. The key focus of the Knowledge Unit of APSDPS is to support the process of making the Development Planning process in the state a professional and specialised activity that can assist the annual/ five year planning and design the growth process of the state. Supporting studies and analysis of key data parameters is done and the feedback put up in varied forms to assist policy makers in building a specialised unit providing feedback and inputs in charting future developmental process.

The immediate focus of the Unit is to compile the varied reports, case-studies, warnings, manuals, and other data that the APSDPS has accumulated in the past years of its existence and put them in an understandable form that can help in not only assisting our preparedness but also establish the field expertise of APSDPS.

Creating an APSDPS website for the society and its activities is one of the few proposals that the Knowledge Unit proposes to establish a continued and interactive visibility to it. The website is to contain several kinds of communication mediums. Key Data, Sectoral Reports, Sectoral Performance Analysis, Annual Plan and Five year Plan Appraisals and Monitoring, Preparation of the 12th Five Year Approach Paper, the 12th Five Year Plan, and the status quo and other reports on developmental parameters are to be generated and placed in public domain for information, discussion and feedback. Weather data, disaster mitigation activities, vulnerability mapping and reports, archives of earlier reports / documents that will elaborate the field of operation of APSDPS will also be collated and put on web for universal access. Regular daily/ event wise warnings and daily real-time data in times of emergency, seasonal summaries and projections will be used to assist sectors & people in better preparedness.

Dr. Humera Anjum (Communication Expert)
– Team

Web Development Team

The key objective of creating Andhra Pradesh State Development Planning Society APSDPS website is to put in public domain the host of activities that the society undertakes. The website showcases both static data like reports, analysis, data sets and other official documents that APSDPS generates as a part of its support activities to the core functions of the AP Planning Department. APSDPS also generates voluminous real time weather / climatic related data on a number of events and indicators.
The APSDPS Web Team manages the online presence of the Website of the Society on a day-to-day basis and supports the external and internal use of the web. It reports directly to the CEO of APSDPS and consists of personnel from the domains of both Information Technology and Engineering. The key responsibilities of the web team include:
- Developing new applications for both external and internal web
- Developing pages, databases and content for the APSDPS Website 
- Updating the site with day-to-day dynamic weather related data
- Advancing internal web capabilities of APSDPS including Planning Intranet portal and
- Maintaining APSDPS search engine and implementing analytics and research strategies for the website


Database Management Unit

Planning process has to identify the growth engines of economy and monitor planned growth. Similarly it is essential that the district level planning is strengthened to identify the sectors and areas that can contribute for socio-economic growth or have the potential to grow. This requires an able State Data Management System and Server that covers all economic and social sectors, integrate the data system and server with government department and district data centres for regular and real time date updating, data analysis and graphical and spatial visualization of data for dissemination and provide decision support service to identified government departments at state level.

Mr.K.V.D Janardhana Rao(Data Manager)
– Team


The Geographical Management Information Systems supports the Planning Department in developing visualization based Decision Support System (DSS) and Development & Implementation of State annual action plan and 12th Five year plan. This DSS include supporting various departments such as Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) / Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) / Rural Water Supply (RWS) / Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) / Backward Mandals / Commercial Tax in analysis of the data through representing the data graphically and preparing spatial & geo referenced maps for identification of gaps for preparation of Action Plans. It also carries out constituency-wise analysis on developmental indicators.

Ms.B.Swapna (GMIS Manager)
– Team

Administration and Project Management Unit

Project Management Unit of APSDPS facilitates overall support in Administration, Human Resource Management, Procurement and Maintenance of Hardware/Software, AMCs, Insurance and other allied activities on-going and proposed under different components.


Social Development Unit

Socio-economic welfare is a key concern of governments and most of the government programmes directed towards improving the social conditions of people. The health, nutrition, women and child welfare, poverty, social inclusion are key growth indicators that are to be improved to ensure a sound and secure life to citizens. While a number of programmes are in place to address these issues, governments lack specific policy oriented inputs that can help the departments plan and allocate development focused inputs. Recognising the urgency of having a unit specifically focused on development planning in social sector to facilitate and usher a targeted policy approach, the APSDPS has set up a Social Development Unit Unit.

This unit is to identify the key growth processes that bring about a change, key gaps that need to be addressed, policies and alternatives, feedback and evaluation from existing programmes and policies. This unit is focused upon building a policy oriented atmosphere by periodic conduct of data analysis. It is intended to conduct and coordinate gap and developmental analysis on poverty, social and economic vulnerability in the state, to carry out and coordinate pilot projects and research studies in emerging and critical areas of poverty and social and economic vulnerability in the state.

The key areas of focus of the Social Development Unit unit are Poverty, Education, Social & Economic Vulnerability and Health / Women & Child Welfare. While work on Health and Women & Child Welfare has started, the Unit has yet to begin its other identified activities.


Economic Growth Unit

The Economic Development Unit is being set up with the objective of having a separate unit focusing on planning and evaluating economic growth processes in the state. Agriculture, Industry, Service Sector, Fiscal & Revenue sectors will be the key areas of focus of the unit.

The unit is intended to conduct and coordinate gap and growth analysis of the state’s agricultural economy, carry out and coordinate modeling, make projections, forecasting, conduct variance analysis and outcome monitoring of state’s agricultural sector to support short term and long term planning in the state. The unit will focus upon carrying out and coordinating pilot projects and research studies in emerging and critical areas of the state’s agriculture economy for assisting the economic planning process in the state.

Alternatively in the Industrial Sector, the unit is to carry out and coordinate modeling, projections, forecasting, variance analysis and outcome monitoring of state’s industrial (manufacturing) sector to support short term and long term planning in the state. It will facilitate conduct and coordination of pilot projects and research studies in emerging and critical areas of the state’s industrial (manufacturing) economy.

Conducting and coordinating of gap and growth analysis of the state’s industrial (service sector) economy and state’s fiscal and revenue issues conducting and coordinating modeling, making projections, forecasting, variance analysis and outcome monitoring of state’s industrial (service sector) sector to support short term and long term planning in the state are its other key areas of operations.

The process of formation of the Economic Development Unit has been made, but the unit has yet to start its activities.

Mr.Sambasiva Rao Pokuri, M.Sc. (Agril. Econ.)
Economist (Agriculture)