Resevoir water level

These recorders will measure the reservoir water level in 4 major reservoirs i.e.,Srisailam,Nagarjunasagar,Somasila and Mylavaram in A.P at every one hour interval on real time basis.

River water level

APSDPS has installed 92 riverwater level sensors .These sensors will measure the water levels in the rivers/streams at every one hour interval on real time basis with reference to MSL which stores in the data logger located at remote location transmit the same to the APSDPS server located in AP secretariat.

Soil Moisture

APSDPS has installed 959 soil moisture sensors.These sensors are a resistive device that responds to changes in soil moisture. Once planted in the soil, itexchanges water with the surrounding soil thus staying in equilibrium with it. Soil water is an electrical conductor thereby providing a relative indication of the soil moisture status. As the soil dries, water is removed from the sensor and the resistance measurement increases. Conversely, when the soil is rewetted, the resistance lowers. These sensors are unique in taking the resistive measurement within a defined and consistent internal matrix material, rather than using the surrounding soil as the measurement medium. This uniquefeature allows the sensor to have a stable and consistent calibration that does not need to be established for every installation.

Global Radiation

APSDPS has installed 86 Global radiation sensors. These sensors are used to measure unobstructed daylight which will be useful for field measurement of global solarradiation in agricultural and meteorological studies.