Storm Surge Inundation Map

The Cyclone and Storm surge unit provides early warnings for cyclone / rainfall forecasts. The unit does real time monitoring of cyclones and also takes up continuous refinement of models for cyclone forecast and their calibration. All relevant information is collected and historical events documented by the unit for future reference....more

Probable Flood Inundation

The flood unit prepares rainfall maps and basin wise volume estimation for 40 sub basins of Andhra Pradesh and for Godavari and Krishna river catchments outside Andhra Pradesh. The unit prepares actual rainfall maps by the daily and volume estimation whenever heavy rainfall is reported in catchment areas during monsoon period by using AWS data and theisson polygon generation of AWS stations catchment wise...more..

Drought Situation

The team dealing with drought in the Disaster Mitigation unit of APSDPS in association with CRIDA has developed a software module to monitor drought conditions in the state. In its endeavor to monitor the Drought at mandal level, APSDPS has already installed around 1200 Automated Weather Stations covering one in each mandal... more..