AWS data sharing policy of APSDPS is as detailed below;


  1. To provide AWS data to the agencies who are using the data for their commercial purpose at the following rates;

Sl. No.


Rate in Rs.


AWS data per day per station



Cost of each sensor data per day


    •  AWS data to all national / state government agencies at free of cost as is there in database format after entering an MoU for sharing of data from both the agencies.
    • To provide AWS data to research scholars / scientific institutions at free of cost with a condition to share their research output with APSDPS.
    • Anyone who is obtaining data from APSDPS, in any of the above categories, may be requested to provide an undertaking to be signed by the in-charge of the activity for which data is requested specifying that the data will be for their own use and will not be shared with any other agency and APSDPS shall not be held responsible for any inference drawn based on these data.